Frequently Asked Questions

What are some other public assistance heating programs?

DollarHelp is one of several heating assistance programs available to Missouri residents. There are also many resources available to reduce energy usage and in turn reduce your heating bills. For more information, please visit the following websites: 

What type of heating bill is covered by DollarHelp grants?

DollarHelp grants cover all types of heating bills. Independent social service agencies allocate the funds, which can be applied to a household’s primary heating source—natural gas, electric, propane or fuel oil. DollarHelp grants are not restricted to Alagasco, Laclede Gas and MGE customers. In fact, nearly half of DollarHelp recipients are customers of other energy providers. 

Where can I get help?

DollarHelp is active in all communities that Laclede, MGE and Alagasco serve. DollarHelp is the last stop for families when other public assistance options have been exhausted. If you need help, please contact your local United Way agency by dialing 211.


What if I want to contribute to DollarHelp but I’m not a Laclede Gas or Missouri Gas Energy customer?

DollarHelp is collective action at its best. Every donation matters, no matter the amount. If you are not a customer who can donate directly through your gas account, you can still help people stay warm. Please mail your tax deductible contribution for any amount to:

PO Box 8798
St. Louis Mo. 63101

Please keep in mind that your donation will always stay in your service territory. Thank you for joining us. Every dollar helps. 

What if I want to donate more than a $1 a month?

Every dollar helps. If you’re a Laclede Gas or Missouri Gas Energy customer, you can check the red box on your gas bill to automatically add $1 to your monthly bill. If you're an Alagasco customer, you can enroll here or through My Account. In Missouri, you can also overpay your gas bill by exactly $1. However, if you want to give more than $1 a month, please call us at 314-621-6960 (Missouri) or 800-292-4008 (Alabama) and we will add any amount to your monthly gas bill. You can also sign up through our free online account management tools, Customer Connection in Missouri and My Account in Alabama. Visit the homepage of or to sign up for Customer Connection and customize your DollarHelp donation. For Alagasco customers, you can sign up for My Account through the homepage of and enroll in DollarHelp for the first time.

Thank you for making a difference. Every dollar helps.