Wilma served her country and community. She didn’t think that one day she would need assistance.

Wilma was active in her neighborhood and volunteered with the Community Action Agency of St. Louis County (CAASTLC) helping provide meals and assistance to those in need. Each holiday season, Wilma organized a local Christmas play, bringing Santa to the neighborhood children. Described as a guardian angel by many, she gained the appreciation from the many lives she touched.

In 2013, Wilma suffered a heart attack that required 12 hours of surgery and put her in a three-day coma. Diabetes complicated her recovery. Medical bills continued to arrive. Eventually she was unable to keep up with her household bills. Wilma refused to give up. She was determined to help herself so she could continue to help others.

Understanding how great the need is for public assistance, Wilma initially resisted the idea of being on the receiving end of funding.

“Man my head is just spinning— so many people out there need help,” Wilma mentioned in a recent letter to CAASTLC. After much hesitation, she requested the assistance to cover her own utility bills.

Thanks to the DollarHelp funds, she had enough to get her utilities reconnected.

“I’ll never take this help for granted. It’s a blessing and relief,” says Wilma. “I won’t have to worry this month. Even if I don’t know what coming months will be like, it means so much to know this month I will be ok.”

“She’s the type of person that brightens your day when she calls. She’s a wonderful person to talk with, a true servant’s spirit and heart,” said Pat Bulejski coordinator for CAASTLC.

With her medical condition now stable, Wilma focuses on creating awareness about the sheer number of those in need and hopes to increase funding to the region. With firsthand experience struggling to pay bills, Wilma doesn’t want others to go through the anguish it can cause families.